Opening prayer & blessing for this Sunday

Opening Prayer

Majestic Creator God, God before time, we find you in the heavens above us:

Light beyond light, our beginning before all beginnings.

God With Us, we find you here on earth, all around us:

You make your home in our fellowship and communion,

our daily bread, and in your church, the body of Christ.

Spirit of Pentecostal fire, Holy Ghost, we find you burning in truth,

ministering with comfort, and interceding with us with sighs too deep for words.

God, stretch our imaginations! Open our eyes to see you

in your majesty above us, your mystery around us, and your Spirit always with us.

Together we pray as you taught your disciples to pray: Our Father….



You are the body of Christ.

May you have the heart of Christ, tender for mercy.

May you have the eyes of Christ to see a world in need.

May you have the feet of Christ to bring the good news.

Go in peace! And God go with you.



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