Liturgy: Contemplative Evenings

A few months ago another woman in my congregation and I started a Sunday evening contemplative group. We meet once a month. It’s a simple service that centers on a 15-minute time of silent meditation as well as a (usually even longer) time of open prayer. We set up a small circle of chairs in the front of the sanctuary, and in the middle there is a small table with a purple cloth, a set of three candles, and the meditation bowl (klangschale).

It hasn’t turned out to be wildly popular with the congregation, but the small group who comes finds it, I think, deeply refreshing and restorative. The evening is particularly meaningful for those of us who “perform” in the service on Sunday morning; Sunday evenings have become my time to “receive” from God.

I thought I would post the liturgy for the evening in case it is helpful for anyone thinking of doing anything similar:  Contemplative_Prayer_June2012

Also, here is the general flyer for the evening:


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