Wisdom: Call to worship & prayers

Here are just a few bits and pieces that I wrote for this coming Sunday (Proper 20, Year B) about wisdom.

I also wrote a short lil’ children’s story / sermon about Lady Wisdom. Amazing how few resources there are for children on the theme of wisdom! Or for adults, for that matter.

Call to Worship
Who among you is seeking the wisdom of God?
We long to hear God’s Word spoken to our hearts.
Who among you is seeking God’s bright and holy truth?
We long to learn the ways of wisdom and righteousness.
Who among you is seeking a Spirit-filled life?
We long to live lives of holiness and light.
God grants God’s wisdom generously to all who ask.
Come near, people of God! Let us worship in wisdom and truth.

May the holy wisdom of God
Guard your ways and guide your paths
May the living truth of God
Enlighten your hearts and open your minds
And may the living Spirit of God
Give you life, and life to the full!


God of holy wisdom, we are seekers on the way to a deeper wisdom and a wider vision. Our lives are full of information and opinions, but in the midst of it all we long to hear the voice of wisdom – Your wisdom, God – cutting through the noise and teaching us how to live.

God, we have come here this morning to learn wisdom from your Word, from your Holy Spirit, and from one another. We have come so that wisdom may call us out of the darkness and into the light. We have come to have the deeper, richer, wisdom-filled life that you have promised to each of us.

Oh God, make us ready to hear the Words spoken to our hearts this morning. Call us to hear your wisdom and grant us the courage to respond.

Together we pray as you taught your disciples to pray…


God of bright truth,

How GOOD it is to be here this morning, entering as one into the life of the Spirit, surrounded by community, and nourished in our faith. When we are here, together, we know that we are not alone in our journey, but that we belong to one another, and we belong to God. Thank you, God, for this fellowship of believers and for the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. Each person here this morning is precious, and we thank you for their presence with us.

We thank you, God, for your Holy Spirit who teaches us, guides us, and grants us wisdom and faith. We thank you for your gift of wisdom, which helps us to see with God’s eyes and to love with God’s heart. You have sent us holy wisdom to guide us and instruct us, and above all to teach us how to nourish and cherish the holy and divine life that lives deep down in all creatures and all things.

Loving God, each and every one of us here this morning needs more of your wisdom. Lord, help us to slow down and listen when wisdom calls to us. Help us to have sensitive hearts and a teachable spirit.

There is no one who is wise until we are enlightened by your Holy Spirit. So come, Holy Spirit, and make us children of the truth.

Loving God, we pray for your wisdom in our church family. Teach us how to better serve one another and the world.

Loving God, we pray for your wisdom in our streets and apartment buildings and neighborhoods. Teach us to seek your truth and embody your compassion with all we meet.

Loving God, we pray for your wisdom in our treatment of your earth. Teach us to be better caretakers of our planet and its beautiful animals and plants.

Loving God, we pray for your wisdom for our world. Teach all of who belong to a Christian community to show greater tolerance and love to Jews, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists. Lord, teach us compassion and understanding, so that all of your children may share this world in peace.

Holy and wonderful God, we thank you for our visitors this morning. May they go from this service refreshed and renewed, having felt the touch of your loving Holy Spirit.

We pray for those ill and injured in our community, especially (…..). Loving God, touch them with your tender care, reassuring them of your presence, and speeding their journeys to wholeness and wellness

(Other prayer requests).

God, your love is true and bright, and guides us on our way. May we go forth from here with new wisdom, new joy, and a new hope. Give us this week the grace of your presence and your love, to carry us through our days until we meet again in this fellowship.



2 thoughts on “Wisdom: Call to worship & prayers

  1. Thank you for these inspiring words. I plan on modifying them somewhat to fit the flavor of our congregation for an upcoming worship. I will indicate this blog as the original source. Beautifully done!

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