Cabinet of Curiosities: Saturday Edition

I’m starting a new weekly (ha! we’ll see how long that lasts) post of wonderful links to other people’s wonderfulness. (You can tune in the other 6 days a week for my own wonderfulness. Just trying to keep a healthy balance here.)

And without further ado, I present this week’s cabinet of curiosities:

The Ideal Bookshelf: Art Prints

One Ms. Jane Mount has undertaken to illustrate people’s ideal bookshelves, with themes including travel (@ right), Jane Austen, cookbooks, etc. The prints are just to die for. Or to kill for. Depending on your proclivities. You can also commission a painting of your OWN favorite books. Which would make a lovely, extraordinary, wonderful and generous gift for, you know, someone.

Visit the Ideal Bookshelf shop for details.

Listening Love:

I discovered (via Band Camp) the extraordinary Lower Lights Hymn Revival, who play and sing toe tippin’, hand slappin’, booty-swingin’ renditions of traditional hymns. Glorious. Wonderful. Addictive. Praise the Lord.

“The Lower Lights convened in fall 2009 for five days of diving into the hymns – familiar hymns, overlooked hymns, Hank Williams hymns, and more. The hope was to connect with these beautiful old songs of testimony on a deeper level, to have a new and personal experience with them. Drawing equal parts reverence and celebration from the rich mine of hymns, we ended the week with 30-plus songs that feel part-revival, part-vigil. We hope our time with the hymns can help others reconnect and have their own personal experience with these songs as well.” (From their lil’ bio page on vimeo)

Digital Ministry

Duke’s Faith and Leadership blog has had some great articles lately on using social media and the web as an integral part of ministry. Here’s Keith Anderson, author of “Click 2 Save: The Digital Ministry Bible”: “It’s about building relationships. Some of those, hopefully, will evolve into people joining your church, but it’s mostly a matter of offering grace in this digital world of Facebook and Twitter. Digital ministry is networked, relational and incarnational, so it’s developing relationships over time and pointing to how God is at work in our daily lives. And in the midst of that, we’re developing relationships online and then hopefully extending offline and then back online again.” (Read the whole article)

Aaaaand: another great article on Facebook and Faith.

Help Ink: Art worth supporting

Help Ink is a collaborative project of designers and artists who develop prints and posters on behalf of specific charities, and the proceeds of the sales go to those organizations. It’s a great idea, and the artwork is truly amazing.  The one pictured (my personal fav) is by artist Jacqui Oakley and supports Smile Train


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