Staying Alive until Christmas

Is this the craziest time of year, or what? Are you stressed out, too? I hear you, sister!

This is also the season of egg nog, fruit cake, christmas cookies, Gluhwein, roated fowl of various kinds, no or little exercise, weight gain, long dark days, flu bugs, viruses, and general unwellness.

Is this what Jesus intended for Advent?! I dare say not. Don’t ya’ know, Advent used to be a season of repentance, like LENT? When did it become the ultimate season of indulgence and gluttony?

This Christmas season I’m really trying to focus on taking care of myself and ignoring the festivals of craziness. Especially in this dark time of the year, I find I absolutely need to get out of my office on my lunch break, when there is actually some thin strands of daylight sneaking through the grey November clouds, and get some fresh and light. Getting up in the dark and coming home in the dark is not good for the soul. I try to go running on my lunch break and get some air in my lungs.

I’m trying to be extra- super- duper- conscious of what goes into my body at the moment, too, by filling up on fresh greens and vitamin-packed fruits & veggies: lots of green smoothies, hot soups, berries and kale, green tea, miso soup, and happiness. (Christmas cookies, be gone!)

Thankfully it’s kale & Kohl season in Germany (Kohl=cabbage), not to mention all the delicious Christmas citruses. Jesus totally loves kale. (Actually there was kale at the last supper, but that got edited out of the Gospels thanks to the lobbying of the Jerusalem wine industry and wheat growers’ association.)

Add in a generous dollop of yoga, quiet, meditation, long walks, and good books, and I think I just might make it January in one piece.

Of course, it’s still a stressful season, but at least I know I am making good choices for myself.

What are your holiday survival tactics?



p.s. Here are some tips for gifting yourself or a loved one a healthy December:

1. I (still) want a Vita Mix. ‘Nuff said.

2. Kale T Shirts are just so festive.

3. Also check out the wonderful new cookbook from Kris Carr, Crazy Sexy Kitchen. OMG don’t those pictures look AMAZING?! I just ate breakfast and I’m getting hungry again.

4. Michelle Obama’s wonderful book about the White House vegetable gardens and how she’s making a difference fighting childhood obesity. This would also make a great book for anyone whose twin passions in life are eating vegetables and being Michelle’s number one fan. (Me.)



2 thoughts on “Staying Alive until Christmas

  1. Vita mix, yes, kale for breakfast!
    Advent, a beautiful season of longing, waiting, preparing. Our kids loved that time growing up. We miss so much these days, rushing, skipping steps. Thanks for a timely post. 🙂

  2. I just got Michelle Obama’s book from the library! So excited to read it as well. Your suggestions for gifting are delightful…sure hope that VitaMix shows up under that gorgeous Christmas tree you’re putting up this year!! 😉

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