Thank you, internet.

Just right now I was mulling over the radical changes that the internet has effected in the ways we do church, reflect and theologize, respond to tragedies and theodicize, cooperate ecumenically without even thinking twice about it, and exchange thoughts with people of other denominations and faiths (and no faiths / SBNR). Every day I look forward to clicking through my WordPress Reader and seeing what all of my faux-friends in the blogworld have been thinking about, wondering, and praying for. Your blogs are all so amazing. Thank you for writing. In some ways the blogosphere is like a new worldwide ecumenical council, isn’t it? Only, an actually productive and positive one?

The “real” sites out there that I regularly plunder (CC, HuffPost Religion, Patheos, SOJO, etc.) offer a fabulously diverse range of opinions and insights from across the spectrum of faith. Oh, and let’s not forget that no-longer-cool but invaluable internet workhorse, YouTube: how else would we ever have the opportunity to enjoy the sermons of Barbara Brown Taylor, Fredrick Buechner, Walter Brueggemann, or Fred Craddock? And on top of that, the internet makes it easier to stay in touch with my other religiously-inclined real-life friends, those whom I would otherwise only see once a month (here in Germany) or even once every few years (in the US), but whose brilliant theological ideas and smart reflection pieces pop up all over FB, blogs, and various internet publications, and make me really happy.

I know that this is all obvious to you, but let’s take a moment and thank God for the internet.

Have you ever thanked God for the internet, or for the profound role that new technologies play in your life?

No, me neither.

Thanks, God. The internet is a pretty much a great thing (child porn and other inappropriate content notwithstanding.)

What about you, reader?

What are your favorite blogs, sites, platforms, and portals for all things faith-related?



One thought on “Thank you, internet.

  1. Books J’Adore (I know it’s book reviews but a distinctly faithful cast), The Bite in the Apple, always stimulating, if heady, Queer Eye for God’s World, with a Malaysian slant, of course, I like mine why otherwise would I do this crazy thing … I know there are more but for me it is very early …

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