Poetry by Anna Kamienska

A Prayer

Out of a spark and out of dust make me again
again plant trees in my paradise
once more give me the sky over my head

So I could deny You with my reason
call you forth with all my tears
find You like love with my lips


– – – – –

Lack Of Faith

even when I don’t believe
there is a place in me
inaccessible to unbelief
a patch of wild grace
a stubborn preserve
pain untouched sleeping in the body
music that builds its nest in silence


– – – – –


Those Who Carry

Those who carry pianos
to the tenth floor wardrobes and coffins
an old man with a bundle of wood limps beyond the horizon
a woman with a hump of nettles
a madwoman pushing a pram
full of vodka bottles
they will all be lifted
like a gull’s feather like a dry leaf
like an eggshell a scrap of newspaper

Blessed are those who carry
for they shall be lifted.


– – – – –

Poems by Anna Kamienska (1920–1986).

The first two poems via the blog Kingdom Poets.

The third from David Curzon (ed.), The Gospels in Our Image; An Anthology of Twentieth-Century Poetry Based on Biblical Texts (New York: Harcourt, Brace, and Company).

More poems by Kamienska available in an anthology called Astonishments translated from the Polish by David Curzon.


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