A church that review books?

The Englewood Review of Books:

In their own words, “The Englewood Review of Books is a weekly book review published by Englewood Christian Church, Indianapolis. We review books that we believe are valuable resources for the people of God, as we follow the mission of God: i.e., the reconciliation of all things. … Our friend, Shane Claiborne, likes to say that “Another World is Possible,” and indeed we hope that the books we review point toward a new world that is characterized by the justice and shalom of God.”

DailyBookMorsel-SidebarCan I just say that this is an incredible and unconventional ministry for a local congregation to take on: book reviews? I really love their email newsletter and the many books they review and recommend. What makes a church congregation sit down one day and say, “we should start regularly reviewing books, writing about them on the internet, and ministering to people through our love of the written word, thereby connecting the local to the global Christian communities with our passion for ideas”? Those are smart people over there. i. love. this. impulse. And I am in awe of a congregation that is visionary & flexible enough to pursue such a unique, but valuable ministry.


QUAKERimagesAnd now for a critical update: book sale!

Critical information: the Englewood Review of Books brought to my attention that Paraclete Press is offering many of its titles in eBook format at a greatly reduced price for a limited time.Click here to browse through the titles.

I will not tell you how many of the titles I just downloaded. Shh.

May I personally recommend Holy Silence: The Gift of Quaker Spirituality? (not that I, a quaker, would be biased or anything…)

Catholic Spiritual Practices: A Treasury of Old and New also looks like a wonderful resource.

They also have a lot of classics of spirituality on sale – oldies but goodies.

go get ’em, tigers.


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